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They’re Here! New Projections Now Available!

They’re Here! New Projections Now Available!

Finally the wait is over! We have released our new collection of holiday projection videos to help you decorate digitally. We’ve added more Halloween and Christmas content as well as some new celebration videos.

We hope you are as excited as we are to once again make your friends and neighbors jealous with these awesome decorations. While we are sure that you will love all our new holiday projections, here are a few of favorites we’ve picked out for Halloween. read more…

The Haunting – New WindowFX Videos Coming Soon!

The Haunting – New WindowFX Videos Coming Soon!

On a dark and stormy night we find ourselves alone in a run-down old mansion. The rain and thunder pound away at what’s left of the decrepit old house. As we stare towards the front door, a creepy glowing form appears from the right, and floats off to the left – but not before her shrieking cackle chills your bones!

Seconds after she vanishes, she appears again! Looks like the haunting is ready to begin!

As she swoops and swirls from the floor above to down below, she suddenly spots us and creeps away. Then things go eerily still… read more…

New WindowFX Videos Coming Soon!

Yes, it’s true – summer is nearly here, and some of us are already excited for Halloween 2017!

But that’s because we have SO MANY amazing WindowFX innovations launching… and they will all begin to roll out in the coming weeks! We’re not just talking about the new range of videos – which are awesome!

We’ve got some seriously incredible WindowFX hardware news to boot! (Join our mailing list today to keep in touch with the latest updates!)

In the meantime, we know it’s early, but let us get YOU excited for Halloweent too. It’s shaping up to be the most magical, hysterical and downright Halloweeniest Halloween ever! read more…

Get Ready for WindowFX 2017!

If you are a fan of the WindowFX projector, you better get ready for an even more spectacular holiday season! We are delighted to announce an entirely new range of videos featuring spookier spooks, gobbier goblins and more enchanted witches than ever before. Plus, you are going to love what Santa has up his sleeve for Christmas. Just to whet you appetite here are 2 previews of new videos that are sure to delight your family, friends and neighbors.

OH! By the way, did we mention we will soon be launching new WindowFX projectors in the coming weeks? Stay tuned to our website for more information. read more…