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Video Transcript

Welcome to the new age of decorating with the Total HomeFX and WindowFX projector kit.
Dazzle your neighborhood with a ghost appearing in your window or Santa sneaking a cookie from your table.

Our kit includes everything you need to use your Total HomeFX and WindowFX projector kit. Included in the kit are one projector, a tripod, a remote control and screen. In addition each projector is preloaded with videos to get you started.

The Total HomeFX and WindowFX projector kit is easy to use – even for a beginner.
Simply hang the included screen, and position the projector towards a window, select one – or all – of the preloaded videos from our easy to use menu and press play. It’s that easy!

Don’t think you have to pack up when the holidays are over. Load your own videos and display at any time of the year.

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