WindowFX Common Issues, Questions and Answers

Q: Where can I purchase my WindowFX Projector?
A: Home Depot was our exclusive retailer for the 2016 season… stay tuned for lots of exciting news on where you’ll find our WindowFX projector in 2017!

Q: How many Videos are on the SD Card?
A: There are 12 pre-loaded videos, 6 Halloween, 4 Christmas, 1 New Years and 1 Celebrations, which can be used for any occasion! The New Years and Celebration videos can be found in the Christmas Folder

Q: How many Lumens does the projector have?
A: Our projector has 80 Lumens.

Q: How should I insert my SD Card?
A: Your SD Card should be inserted with the METAL UP and the STICKER DOWN.

Q: I put the SD Card in but it says no device. What do I do?
A: First press the INPUT button; then make the Yellow Bar highlight SD and press OK. It should now say SD. MAKE SURE THE USB SYMBOL IS ORANGE OR IT WILL NOT MOVE TO THE NEXT SCREEN.



Q: I put the SD Card in sticker facing down and Selected SD but I’m still having issues?
A: Make sure you hear a CLICK after you insert the SD card. It has a lock so that the SD Card can be read correctly. If it doesn’t click, the projector will not read the SD Card.

Q: I put the SD Card in but when I click Slideshow or Music I can’t go anywhere?
A: Our videos will only play on MOVIE. You have to go to the Movie Icon and click OK. Slideshow is for Photos ONLY and Music is for Music files ONLY.

Q: Why do I have a Horizontal and Vertical folder?
A: We offer both Horizontal and Vertical video options to accommodate most home options. Horizontal is for when your projector is laying flat. Vertical is when you have your projector on its side up tall. These folders have the same videos but they are designed differently to fit the orientation you picked.



Q: I have a small video with writing on it. Why can’t I get it full screen?
A: If you see a small window with the details on it then you are in “PREVIEW” mode. You must press the PLAY/PAUSE button and it will play full screen mode.



Q: How do I make it loop?
A: To make your videos continuously play, press the REPEAT button Pressing once screen will say NONE Press it Twice will say ONE (loop the current video) Press it Three times and it will say ALL (loop all videos that were selected) After you press it it will loop until you turn off the projector manually, or set a timer for “Auto-off” function.



Q: Can I set it to turn on at a certain time every night?
A: We do not have an “ON” timer function.

Q: Do I have to reset this every time I turn on the projector?
A: Yes. you will have to set things up every time, this is in order to avoid having to go back and forth should you change input source or video selection.

Q: Can I use my own Media with this projector?
A: Of course! The formats are as follows;
Music MUST BE, MP3/WMA/ASF/OGG/AAC/WAV. If your files are not one of these formats, our projector can NOT read them.

Q: Can I plug the projector in to my computer, tablet or phone?
A: At this time you can only use an SD card or Flash Drive/USB.

Q: How do I hook up speakers so it can be heard outside?
A: There is a 3.5 mm Audio Jack on the side. You can plug this to a speaker or stereo system using an Audio cable. There is no Bluetooth function on this projector.

Q: What is the Life of this light bulb? Can I replace it?
A: Our light bulbs have a life expectancy of over 30,000 hours. They are not replaceable.

Q: Is this available in any other country?
A: Our Projector is only available for purchase in the United States and Canada. If you purchase a projector and bring it to another country, we cannot ship replacement parts to you without an additional shipping fee. Any damage caused by an adapter that was used improperly or was too high of a wattage for our projector is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Q: How do I contact you if I still have questions?
A: If you do not see an answer to your question please feel free to call us at (888) 476-7100, Monday through Friday, 9am to 4pm; email us anytime at You can also message us on Facebook.

Q: I sent a message but haven’t received a response?
A: Our customer service team is available to answer questions Monday through Friday, 9Am -4Pm Central Time. For all Facebook Messages, we will make every effort to respond within 48 hours.