Our Story

Total HomeFX™ is a brand of ProductWorks™ LLC., a company that has – over the past 17 years – helped holiday enthusiasts decorate their homes and yards with beloved licensed characters and dazzling light displays. In 2015 the company founder saw an opportunity to innovate beyond traditional lighting and provide a more modern approach: projectors and video decor. The Total HomeFX™ brand has quickly grown to include a variety of projectors, speakers and other accessories, as well as an ever-expanding library of video content to help our customers bring their holidays to life.

Our mission is two-fold: first, to provide our customers with a unique, cost-effective, and imaginative display to add to or even showcase their holiday decorating. Second, to maintain an excellent support line for those customers so that their holidays go off without a hitch. Questions, comments, and concerns will always reach a highly dedicated customer service representative, and we answer the phones in person during business hours to ensure that the buyer gets the most from their purchase.

We highly value customer feedback, which helps us improve our service and our products as well. As a result we are actively pursuing many avenues of social media channels including Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest to help us foster and connect to a growing community of Total HomeFX™ users.

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